Mini coco
Mini coco Prije 14 sati
Him: my father is iranian... Me: THAT'S KAYVON
Giorgos Dhmos
Giorgos Dhmos Prije 14 sati
It's 5 am what am I doing?
18 Prije 14 sati
the language is fucking hilarious
Dahlia Prije 14 sati
Lol I'm just surprised at the guy who's never seen a Muslim girl without a hijab
Andrïano Anne-Marie
Andrïano Anne-Marie Prije 14 sati
Haven't any of you realised that they were all placed like from pure to sinful according to their jobs (left to right, well without taking into account their actual sins)
tyemaddog Prije 14 sati
I totally relate to Graham
Rituparna Sarkar
Rituparna Sarkar Prije 14 sati
Wow seeing things from two perspectives has much to learn about the dynamics going on in people's lives. We think one way but the real happenings are juxtaposed!
Muhammad Hafiz Bin Abdullah
Muhammad Hafiz Bin Abdullah Prije 14 sati
wait..Korean brand on japanese food
Bingo Man
Bingo Man Prije 15 sati
Can anyone tell how tall the Asian dude is ?
Super horny Hamster
Super horny Hamster Prije 15 sati
Lowkey the Asian guy kinda weird lmao 😂
Koby King
Koby King Prije 15 sati
I thought that one dude was Lil Baby
ruby daly
ruby daly Prije 15 sati
Shout out to all my people who don’t have a good relationship with their parents, watching this bought a tear to my eye because it’s reality for most people like myself and it’s hard but beautiful to see
Mini coco
Mini coco Prije 15 sati
Biggest life regret?! Being born
Queen Lan
Queen Lan Prije 15 sati
Why’s the video so awkward
Squire Muldoon
Squire Muldoon Prije 15 sati
Every relationship i ever had is a lost love.
Nsur Prije 15 sati
Thank god they dont let 100 white women talk about black women
Freemind stile
Freemind stile Prije 15 sati
Abortion is the woman right to have choice if wanna be mother or not!
Sierra Hartsgrove
Sierra Hartsgrove Prije 15 sati
The amount of gay panic coursing through my body with Jane and Brenna 😳
Sami Prije 15 sati
deeeeez deeznuuts
Bella Davis
Bella Davis Prije 15 sati
"it was a good story afterwards" got me SCREAMINGGG
kevin simelane
kevin simelane Prije 15 sati
The girl with glasses seemed innocent but she's wild af what!!? 🤣
Ruth Warren
Ruth Warren Prije 15 sati
everyone was so interesting but i want brit and her ex in my life they were both sooo cool
Martin Ghatkuoth
Martin Ghatkuoth Prije 15 sati
Get cough you get high 🤣🤣🤣🤣
sherry kao
sherry kao Prije 15 sati
He’s still cheating & they deserve each other.
Ruth Warren
Ruth Warren Prije 15 sati
brit was well cool
Florie Brede
Florie Brede Prije 15 sati
The old knowledge only observe because yak joly train save a bite-sized dredger. shallow, utter booklet
Bella Davis
Bella Davis Prije 15 sati
the person named Jordan has a really nice smile🥺❤
Erkan Nuray
Erkan Nuray Prije 15 sati
Adam ne kadar temiz malzeme yapmış ya
Griddle The Kids
Griddle The Kids Prije 15 sati
Abel Kebede ;
Abel Kebede ; Prije 15 sati
first chick makes me wanna go hit some calves
Basya Salid
Basya Salid Prije 15 sati
Jim was a great sport. Well done!
Frederik-Anton Schmidt
Frederik-Anton Schmidt Prije 15 sati
Spider crawling on that dudes neck :O 3:27
History Freak podcast
History Freak podcast Prije 15 sati
Love how Muslims pray
Ana Beatriz
Ana Beatriz Prije 16 sati
03:43 me too bro 👊🏼
Steven63 Prije 16 sati
Taylor Step
Taylor Step Prije 16 sati
When the fuck up becomes more successful than all siblings combined
Angela Thomas
Angela Thomas Prije 16 sati
Why do people still think satanists sacrifice things? Chances are you are taking to an atheistic satanist.
James Ashton
James Ashton Prije 16 sati
Damn that was so cool i want a second one
Kalifland Kalifland
Kalifland Kalifland Prije 16 sati
I don’t know how people have over 5 I just couldn’t do it
あかみShuki Prije 16 sati
I have both severe tryphophobia n acrophobia☠️
Emma Kate
Emma Kate Prije 16 sati
when the lawyer dude asks questions about america i never even know any of the answers and i’m American
Ashley B
Ashley B Prije 16 sati
LMAO it’s a daily occurrence
abc abc
abc abc Prije 16 sati
Everytime, I watch Fatuma and here her views on this channel, I more and more like her! God, I'm still so gay !
david li
david li Prije 16 sati
The Indian girl was hella gorgeous
Miss Nez
Miss Nez Prije 16 sati
I appreciate how the video producer acknowledged that isra3l wasn't exist until 1948. Unlike their official page that claimed they have been there for 3000 years 😑 the video gives me chill towards the end. Especially after what happened now.
Johnny English
Johnny English Prije 16 sati
We all know why we clicked on the video.
Ashley B
Ashley B Prije 16 sati
The show is literally just judging people by their appearance
angel rose
angel rose Prije 16 sati
“Ah hell naw”
Jaime N.
Jaime N. Prije 16 sati
“Crabs everywhere... I mean like crustacean crabs” LOL
Sessa107 Prije 16 sati
I'm so glad to see that people with disabilities can be as happy and kind as these people. The only experience I've had with a blind person is horrible. I work in a supermarket and we have a blind man come in every Saturday for us to do his grocery shopping. Which is fine, we're happy to help because he can't do it himself. Except he's the worst person I've ever met. If one tiny little thing doesn't go as he wants it to, he gets absolutely FURIOUS. He thinks he has the right to be treated like a king, only because he is blind. I hate him more than anything in the world, he's made so many of our employees (myself included) feel horrible. He's called us many names and has made almost every one of us cry. We don't know how to deal with him. We'd love to help him the way he wants, but we have pretty much zero experience with blind people and instead of explaining what he would like us to do, he just yells at us for doing everything wrong.
Gerey Yeri
Gerey Yeri Prije 16 sati
Cultural degenerates
Gerey Yeri
Gerey Yeri Prije 16 sati
From Mormonism to degeneracy
Aaron Sinclair
Aaron Sinclair Prije 16 sati
The grandma in the middle looks like she got stoned before
Gerey Yeri
Gerey Yeri Prije 16 sati
Dead dead
Diane Ckrusle
Diane Ckrusle Prije 16 sati
They're so open and I love it!
Fatema Murshed
Fatema Murshed Prije 16 sati
"you look Muslim" "you look Jewish" 🤦‍♀️
Shelley Pryde
Shelley Pryde Prije 16 sati
Ok but I love Curtis’ energy and the fact that he has a huge C on his wall ❤️❤️
Nonmenclature Prije 16 sati
I watch this video again because of terrorist in Gaza. #Freepalestine 🇵🇸
420Adhd69 Prije 16 sati
Cool cops
Puffin Prije 16 sati
Please try Foxzen - our weed song is Blazing: hrpost.info/history/dJBeeZu3oqeXiJw/video
Puffin Prije 16 sati
Try our weed song Blazing by foxzen: hrpost.info/history/dJBeeZu3oqeXiJw/video
Puffin Prije 16 sati
My ex friend Alan Gordon told me Canuba in the Bible was actually cannabis and a council of Rabbis admitted this in 1985. Weed is good
The Father
The Father Prije 16 sati
I don't care I'm not Italian or American. But I guess he brought European culture to that part of the world.
Puffin Prije 16 sati
*Goddess makes it all better too. The obsession with the sky is Blue btw 🦊💙
Joseph Prije 16 sati
List of the questions asked in the video if anybody is curious like me: who's the favorite sibling? How would you describe growing up with your brother? Who was more popular growing up? Between us who is the favorite sibling? Who is the bigger fuck up? What are you jealous of your sibling about? What do you think your sibling is jealous of you about?
Puffin Prije 16 sati
Rabbi is Robin Williams btw
Puffin Prije 16 sati
The Book of Judas answers many of these questions- also The Art of Betrayal by God.
Puffin Prije 17 sati
"Conservative homosexual" so you hate and fear yourself?
Mamata Pandey
Mamata Pandey Prije 17 sati
They kinda look like siblings tho.
johan eugen
johan eugen Prije 17 sati
2:27 hahahh
Hannah X
Hannah X Prije 17 sati
Fatuma is my fav, that girl is so amazing ngl
E. Finch
E. Finch Prije 17 sati
Palak Sharma
Palak Sharma Prije 17 sati
9:25 She clearly Did not like the joke.
s Prije 17 sati
Marathi guy's so handsome I can't get over it
bee Prije 17 sati
28sexyjay Prije 17 sati
I can think of one reason why she shouldn’t date her... she’s still messing with her EX
AlmondTheAlmond Prije 17 sati
0:02- Moms when they catch you not doing homework