aniol guardia
aniol guardia Prije 18 sati
dogs should use they them pronouns😭😭😭😭😭😭 (im here for it tho)
Katie O'Connor
Katie O'Connor Prije 18 sati
am i the only one in this comment section that hated the gemini 😃
Theo Tennant
Theo Tennant Prije 18 sati
I love how Dante is just Seth Rogan but black
Michele Giovannini
Michele Giovannini Prije 19 sati
grammar and spelling imo
Janna Fabricante
Janna Fabricante Prije 19 sati
NAHIDA AL.OSTA Prije 19 sati
I have phobia of night and darkness ugh
JonnySmithFilmography Prije 19 sati
after just watching awful strangers trying to win £1000, this was really refreshing to see
YouTube Life
YouTube Life Prije 19 sati
my brother stole a cheesecake factory fork and two P.F. chang’s glowy cups and if the light in the cups went out we have extra cause they gave us some
Alice Me Dalley
Alice Me Dalley Prije 19 sati
Aw shes so pretty and supportive
Nisha Singhal
Nisha Singhal Prije 19 sati
Aap ka name kya hai Jane man
Nisha Singhal
Nisha Singhal Prije 19 sati
Muge heart pe jo black dot hota hai uspe kiss or touch karna hai
Kasey Prije 19 sati
0:41 not tryna be rude like on god , but why did she respond so weirdly ( I’m editing this now and I realize that something really bad could have happened and it triggered the memory, and I just want to apologize for be saying this)
Saroya Williams
Saroya Williams Prije 19 sati
The woman in the leather jacket omfg🥰
Alice Me Dalley
Alice Me Dalley Prije 19 sati
You could see the (guy in the checkered shirt) the regret in his face as he said he would pick the pig up HAHA
beni zm
beni zm Prije 19 sati
Me at 7:35 : 😫
I like Cheesecake
I like Cheesecake Prije 19 sati
mY eX hUsBaNd DrOvE iNtO a TrEe
MR. DISRESPECT Prije 19 sati
This guy almost looks like 'Pewdiepie'
B. Fox
B. Fox Prije 19 sati
They're both awesome!
Prince Raj
Prince Raj Prije 19 sati
John wick chapter 3
HighkeY FoxY
HighkeY FoxY Prije 19 sati
As a mexican. . . this is really dumb. . . anyone else agree or ??
yourtelephonecallsaremyfavouriteplace Prije 19 sati
Can we talk about the last person with a “it’s just a phase” shirt. Bitch ain’t straight.
sleepy a
sleepy a Prije 19 sati
abdullah balubaid
abdullah balubaid Prije 19 sati
I think the kenyain girl's name was supposed to be fatima not fatoma
Amber Godspeed
Amber Godspeed Prije 19 sati
If you're an ass, you're an ass. Your sign has nothing to do with it.
Teijina•Saki-Senpai Prije 19 sati
Miso Tofu
Miso Tofu Prije 19 sati
Let's talk about TV 😂
roobee Prije 19 sati
someone: *phobia of drowning* grey shirt guy: *throws into ocean*
Jacob xeoff E Cabalza
Jacob xeoff E Cabalza Prije 19 sati
That tagalog has a bit weird accent
Mitchell Roberts
Mitchell Roberts Prije 19 sati
they were roommates
totally tegly
totally tegly Prije 19 sati
"when the Doritos are missing" BRUH THE POOR DORITOS!!
Brian Harris
Brian Harris Prije 19 sati
She is pretty.
Johnie Bee
Johnie Bee Prije 19 sati
"I wanna be famous, the star of the screen."
Johnie Bee
Johnie Bee Prije 20 sati
I wanna die as a legend. My name still going around years and years after I died. So, as long as it's promised I'm going down in history, I do not care.
Eggman Prije 20 sati
엑ᄏEggck Prije 20 sati
gotta love Ilah 🥺
Maya Nassar
Maya Nassar Prije 20 sati
That clip wasn’t from the crown-
Brian Harris
Brian Harris Prije 20 sati
This is not right....
Dark Plays
Dark Plays Prije 20 sati
Lol if I were on that video I’ll probs say I’m like 7-8 So I’m kinda really Gay but I also Identify as a Gray-A I think
Shadha M.K
Shadha M.K Prije 20 sati
"You're from the Middle east bro, you're like.. hAiRy" howww isss THAT supposed to make any sense like WTH-
Dusk Curio
Dusk Curio Prije 20 sati
Cruced Jordans
Cruced Jordans Prije 20 sati
cheeta mom know strands and stuff she most def smoke
GrimBoy Gaming
GrimBoy Gaming Prije 20 sati
0:40 Bob rose 1:03 Snoop Dogg 1:09 young Duan Johnson ( might be the wrong spelling)
Strijkijzer Prije 20 sati
Literally every comment is about victor haha
Soviet Tankist
Soviet Tankist Prije 20 sati
Beautyy aff
Lucas WB
Lucas WB Prije 20 sati
That 14 yr old is gay. Trust me.
Exotic Nuggets
Exotic Nuggets Prije 20 sati
Daiveon Mallery
Daiveon Mallery Prije 20 sati
4 seconds in and I’ve already reinforced my extremely firm stance on never dating a pornstar or any sort of “sex work”
Simon48 Prije 20 sati
Graham was definitely stoned, I wonder how he'd react to being energetically high because to me that's way better than the couch lock stoned feeling
THC Tiberiu Healthiness and Creativity
THC Tiberiu Healthiness and Creativity Prije 20 sati
Anyone knows the white girl IG? The girl that kisses the black dude in the end .
lakshmi the roblox youtuber
lakshmi the roblox youtuber Prije 20 sati
The frst guy make me laugh and that laugh is cool
Ian Supremo
Ian Supremo Prije 20 sati
IDK why, but her response to the pregnancy thing is weird- like an abortion isnt what she would want 🤷‍♂️
Daiveon Mallery
Daiveon Mallery Prije 20 sati
The black girl saying frank Sinatra was like a fuckin left right jab uppercut combo out of nowhere
CashBoxr Prije 20 sati
I see two failures that are more focused on each other than working as a team. Selfish, immature, lazy, entitled children.
Mikaela Prije 20 sati
I'm 13 Asian, very catholic and supporting community and gay. I relate to the grannys " I believe in God, but I have my doubts" maybe just a curios teen cat.
Kapinorhm Prije 20 sati
Chris was the more deserving it
liam roumila
liam roumila Prije 20 sati
cancel shakera
AVERAGE MAN Prije 20 sati
I think moms high.
Bella Hernandez
Bella Hernandez Prije 20 sati
Everyone scared of LL are very much giving problematic...she’s cool as hell y’all, I’m sick of your covert racism
fibidustxox Prije 21 sat
Aradhita S
Aradhita S Prije 21 sat
In my country? Pre-marital hand holding Pre-marital sex Pre-marital hugs Pre-marital high fives Pre-marital handshakes Pre-marital eye contact Pre-marital EVERYTHING yes im an indian
Don Donovan
Don Donovan Prije 21 sat
No way !
Daiveon Mallery
Daiveon Mallery Prije 21 sat
Watching a few of these now, I don’t know if it’s because of the specific couples they pick, but the women in these situations seem to have moved on much easier and are already in other relationships while the dudes are still depressed and trying to piece it together.
Brahmaputra Moskva
Brahmaputra Moskva Prije 21 sat
Tbh that hug at 4:05 was very telling,especially from dude’s side.Idk why she was confused
Kayte Lopez
Kayte Lopez Prije 21 sat
Wait. What does the 1st girl make?? She said her profession but not what her income was did i miss it?
Kate James
Kate James Prije 21 sat
OKAY GUYS. Since cut turned off the comments on that other 7 strangers let's BOMBARD this comment section talking about how mean those three were in that other video!!!!!!
Gand Shack
Gand Shack Prije 21 sat
i hope eli got a girl friend
RE -O Prije 21 sat
If my roommate and I were here I am fine with him getting the money so he can pay me for his borrowed money lmao
Amazing ZX
Amazing ZX Prije 21 sat
That’s April Hiho kids mom for Austin
Hector Orci Jr.
Hector Orci Jr. Prije 21 sat
Nigga if your gonna smoke out of a bong do it right, baby ass hits😂😂🤣
Mr. Mcringle
Mr. Mcringle Prije 21 sat
“I threw a burrito” I lost it there 😹😭
19132 PRANJAL BARTWAL Prije 21 sat
Victor dont be shy, drop you @
viral viruz
viral viruz Prije 21 sat
Even I was in the line but I got kicked
Sally Jenkins
Sally Jenkins Prije 21 sat
Well. This was depressing.
escapetogeorgia Prije 21 sat
They are the most passive aggressive losers on the planet, seriously WTF. Just straight up say what you mean instead of all the mealy mouthed bullshit. Also, the only person there who was not in it for himself, Aaron, was voted off first. These people are trash and none of them deserve the money.
Angelina Prije 21 sat
i didn’t think she’d rate people based on the way they dress. yikes
Boydskii Prije 21 sat
fuck you kris
i hate myself lmao
i hate myself lmao Prije 21 sat
omg 1980 one is so cute
Shar Roon
Shar Roon Prije 21 sat
The blonde girl is stressing too hard, girl you don't need to therapise everyone you meet.
Phuong Nam Nguyen
Phuong Nam Nguyen Prije 21 sat
That jawline though